Support for 360 degrees videos


Great new service.


I wonder if it can support 360 videos. I've just tried uploading an equirectangular video, but it doesn't seems to recognise it. Or does it requires a specific metadata to be injected?



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Yes, this should be a feature.  It should support different formats of content.  Such as having multiple content types, 360, audio podcasts, etc.


Agreed, we need this functionality also. Haven't been able to find one Microsoft product which accepts 360 video.


Could you describe in more detail the specific use case for 360 video in your business?  Is this for training of some sort?  
Also, please add the idea with specifics around the use case to the Ideas board for others to vote on. 

Link to ideas board - 


Idea already created at

Please use the same one to vote it up guys.


I strongly support idea for 360 degrees videos in Office 365. I did Power BI report using youtube links for 360 view but it would be much better to have that in Office 365 enviroment. 

Check 8-th of 9 pages in report Power BI report using 360 view of construction site

Wow a year on and there doesn't seem to be any developments on 360 degree videos like you can get on YouTube will have to see if there is anything on other forums about this as our team are keen to use it a very useful for health and Safety

is it not supported yet? 


Want to have the ability to upload 360 video from Our New Office building so People can get a sense of how it will be....