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In the documentation it seems as if every channel can have its own logo but in the preview there is no option to change the channel logo. It seems as if the placeholder picture is intended to be changed by the user but the button is simply missing.

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I'm looking for the same option to add an image to the channel placeholder


If you are the owner for the channel, then every channel can have a poster image assigned from the videos which are in that channel.


Assuming you are the owner, here are some steps


1. Go to My Channels and click Edit in the ellipsis for the channel you want to assign the poster image. (see screenshot below)


2. This will take you to the edit channel screen.

3. Assuming you have some videos in the channel already, click the ellipsis for the video which you want to use for the channel poster and select 'Use thumbnail for channel cover image' (screenshot attached below).




Let us know how this works for you...


Okay, thanks that worked.  Although, not entirely intuitive Smiley Happy


I already had images assigned to my videos, so I had to replace one of the video images with the new channel image and apply it.  Then I went back and updated the video image to the desired image and the Channel image that I previously selected did remain in tact.


I'd suggest also adding the ability to swap the channel image from the channel edit screen as well, to make it a bit more direct if a user would like a unique image for the channel vs. selecting one of the video images.


Thanks for the great suggestion. Could you please also help vote on the idea posted on Ideas board. here is a link




Although this works it really is not intuitive. Maybe you could think about making it possible to choose a poster image irrespective of the videos inside the channel


@CS_Webdesk Thanks. We are hearing this feedback from multiple customers. Thank you for reporting. Could you please also vote here -

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