What's the cheapest way to create a full stack, 3-tier MVP?

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I am a junior developer looking to publish my own web app for personal use. The webapp I envision has a HTML/JS front-end, a C# API back-end, and a sql server database. I am also hoping to make the API public and callable by an iPhone app.


I'm looking for minimum specifications. Since I am the only user, I don't need performance and I don't need scaling. Security would be nice but it's almost an afterthought because my main goal is to learn to deploy full stack apps.


I've managed to set up a Sql Server instance under a DTU basic plan (~$4.90 a month), and an App Service under a Shared F1 Plan (free w 60mins/day compute), but I'm having trouble connecting the two. App Service at this tier does not Virtual Network integration, and the next tier that does seems to be P1V2 at $54 a month. That's too expensive for me. 


Is there a different set of resources or configuration that I should consider in order to cheaply deploy my MVP? AWS Amplify is promising $8 a month on one of their examples, which seems a lot more within my budget.


Thank you in advance.

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