What's the best way to schedule actions?

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I am not an Azure expert, but I get around pretty well. One thing I can't seem to figure out is how I can achieve the following:


I am building a system that can automatically post data to a website. These posts need to be submitted at specific dates and times. I feed these posts by an app. The data (including the dates and times) are stored in a database. Let's say post 1 needs to be posted on 6 January, post 2 on 10 January, and post 3 on 31 January... You get the idea.


I am looking at how to schedule these in Azure Cloud. Most things I find are events that run at specific dates, not the dates of the posts. These events are more cron jobs that run every hour, minute, day, whatever.

What do I need in Azure Cloud to achieve what I want? 

Thanks in advance

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@Kidd_Ip  thanks, I didn't sit still and did find the automation run book. I used the API and I can create the schedule, but I can't get the run book and the schedule connect to each other. The api call for that needs the name of the schedule, but in fact needs the ID (guid) of the schedule. I can't retrieve that, no matter what I tried.