Welcome to the Low Code Application Development AMA!

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Welcome to the Low Code Application Development Ask Microsoft Anything (AMA)! This live hour gives you the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback.


Please introduce yourself by replying to this thread. Post your questions in a new thread within the Azure AMA space, by clicking on, "Start a New Conversation" at the top of the page.

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Hi everyone. I'm Marc Schweigert (@devkeydet on twitter). I'm a Program Manager on the Power Customer Advisory Team (CAT). I have a background in pro dev but have been a long time low code advocate. Looking forward to answer questions you have around ALM, pro dev extensibility, Azure integration, and whatever questions I see that I can help with.

Hi all! My name is Matt Soucoup (@codemillmatt on Twitter) and I work in Developer Relations at Microsoft. I specialize in developing backend applications in .NET, using with those applications with Power Apps and working with Fusion Dev teams.

@Eric Starker I am absolutely new to Low Code besides having read a couple of articles and attended webinars on it.  I am a solutions architect and looking to start with Low Code

Hi everyone, thanks for joining us. My name is Ricardo Duncan, I am a Product Marketing Manager on the Azure App Dev team. I work on the Low Code Application Development (LCAD) on Azure solution which integrates Power Apps and Azure. Happy to answer questions around pro dev capabilities using Power Apps and Azure, our latest announcements at Build, how to use Power Apps and Azure together, etc.

Hello everyone, I am Kartik Kanakasabesan (twitter:kkanakas), I am the PM for the Developer tooling support for Power Platform and Dataverse. I started my career in software development tooling and ALM. I look forward to engaging with you all.

Hello, I'm an Architect and have been working towards embracing low code in our Enterprise for the past 4 years, we use the OutSystems low code platform for mobile applications and a few web apps and also use PowerApps. We are also using low code integration solutions.
Hello everyone. My name is Ben Carpenter, I am a lead software engineer and looking to learn more about low code application development to see if it can be leveraged for applications my team provides.

I will take a look at the links provided in @vmgenie's post provided by @Kartik Kanakasabesan and @mattsoucoup .