TransactionalIBatch for Python?

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I have noticed Azure has released transactional support across CosmosDB collections


Is the same available in the Python SDK? How about via Python Azure functions and function bindings?

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@Val26 Hi there! Thanks for your great question. Unfortunately, I don't know the exact answer to this question, but I would recommend asking your question over at our Azure Functions Q&A resource. We're directing people to this location, as it is frequently monitored by a host of very helpful people who may have the answers you are looking for. :)


Sorry for not being able to help you further on this particular topic.






@skylerhartle , thx, actually I have figured it out what seems to be a good solution. If I write the whole list, at once, to func.DocumentList, like

async def upsert_posts(social_feed_writer, live_messages) -> List[Post]:
    db_updates = func.DocumentList()
    post_id= str(uuid.uuid4())

    for live_message in live_messages:
#some data conversion stuff here
        post_from_live_message = live_message_to_post_dict(live_message, post_id)
        post = Post.build_model(post_from_live_message)
        post_data = post.to_data() #makes a hash
#here is appends a func.Document to me func.DocumentList

Here socialFeedWriter is 

socialFeedWriter: func.Out[func.DocumentList], passed in binding


CosmosDB binding in my Azure function seems to magically maintain a transaction, i.e. if one my entries fails, the rest will fail too

@Val26 I'm glad you managed to figure out the problem, and thanks for posting the solution here for others to see. :smile: