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For Teams apps (creating power apps in Teams with the built in Dataverse editor/support) are there any plans to be able to move apps and their data between Teams and perhaps almost as importantly, environments in the same way as you can export standard power apps and import elsewhere? We'd love to developer some Teams apps in here on our environment and then package them up and add them easily onto our customers Teams.. the apps being tied to the one Team they're created in is really limiting it's usefulness at the moment and being able to bundle up and easily deploy apps and their data together would be amazing.

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Solution import/export is already available: As for bringing data, we anticipate being able to share more details soon. Stay tuned to the Power Apps blog for more details:

Some of the more advanced mechanisms to get data into Dataverse for Teams require direct API access. Per the documentation below, API access is not available for Dataverse for Teams:

So, for example, you cannot use tools like Configuration Migration:

However, we continue to look at ways to make ALM easier with Dataverse for Teams.