SSL Certificate with Azure Web App behind Private Endpoint

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I've created an Azure Web App that sits behind an Application as well as a private endpoint. The idea being that to access the app, you must go through the Application Gateway and cannot access it through the url. The tutorial I followed was here: 

The diagram of how it all looks is this:


Everything works as expected. The site cannot be accessed through and can only be accessed through the public IP of the Application gateway.

The problem is when trying to add an SSL certificate. If I add an SSL certificate to the WebApp I must verify the domain by adding a CNAME record to point to the domain with the IP of the WebApp. If I do that it allows public access back to the WebApp through

How do I add an SSL for my WebApp without losing the security of a private endpoint?

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I think you need the ssl certificate in the frontend/ backend pool of the app gateway.

I ended up using the SSL cert associated with the domain.
If I may ask how do you manage that? Do you still have the application gateway? With a certificate for