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I have one silly question to ask! Can I have a setup wherein I install an application on a desktop, having a client OS (which is a high configuration machine) and there are other clients (laptops) which are accessing that application on the desktop? Can that config be called server-client arch? Can I then migrate that desktop machine on to Azure?

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@Mani000When you say "install an application on a desktop" are you, for the sake of example refering to applications like Word or Excel that are installed on the desktop itself? It this is what you are refering to then it sounds like you are after application presentation software, for example:


This will allow you to present the "Desktop" application as though it were installed locally on the machine, but infact is running on a server somewhere else.


There is a lot of infromation on Azure Migrate that may help migrate your physical OS to the cloud, or it may be better to spin up a new VM instance with clean OS and start over.


In terms of presenting the application from your exisitng desktop, RemoteApp may be the way to go.