Personal project on Azure - is it financially feasible?

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Has anyone successfully navigated the Microsoft/Azure platform to set up viable personal projects while staying at/below $25/month price point?  Specifically, a WordPress site and/or a web app with database (PostgreSQL) backend? 


I am currently between jobs, looking to build my skill set by pursuing a variety of personal projects.  I would like to build my projects on the Microsoft/Azure platform because that is where I wish to work in the future (and worked in the past).  As I navigate the limited/free tiers I am frequently nudged/required to shift to a higher level or pay-as-you-go, which feels like wandering into a minefield blindfolded.  As a personal user I would be much more comfortable with a flat fee rather than complex, layered pricing structure offered by Azure.


At the moment, I am attempting to set up a WordPress site following the new Quickstart.  On my chosen tier (B1), in order to backup/restore including the MySQL database, I believe I will need to add storage/move up to S1, both of which potentially incur additional fees.  So I wanted to step back and ask whether it is reasonable to attempt building a 'hobby site' on Azure.


I am familiar with Microsoft Learn, but prefer to supplement that with personal projects where I can dig deeper and make more mistakes.   


For reference, as part of a coding bootcamp, I developed a variety of web apps on the Heroku platform.  Heroku had a generous 'free' platform that worked well for the bootcamp projects, but they recently changed their pricing structure.  I would like to shift to working on Azure, as I have worked on the platform previously and would like to further develop my skills/familiarity with the platform for a future job hunt.


Any insight or guidance much appreciated,


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