P2P Server app in Azure Portal

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HI Everyone, 

Does any one has any idea about P2P Server app in azure portal?





I just noticed this app in App registration.  Should i delete it as it looks supecious. look at scopes of this app?


How can i analyze this app what this app has been doing ?


should i delete it?




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It looks like the Scope is Disabled if you go into the P2P Server App, then click on: Usage and Insights and Audit Logs, you can go back and see if it's been used.

@adminKK Thsi is an old post but wanted to leave details in case other come across this post in a search (as I did). 


P2P server is created automatically when the first machine joins AAD. More information can be found here: P2P Server – AAD Support Notes (jasonfritts.me)

so we should not deleted? Or can we if we don't want any more AAD join Win Clients?