Need help to decide Azure API, Azure Web job, Azure Function Azure Scheduler for current requirement

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Hi All,


I am relatively new to Azure world. I am coming from Microsoft .NET C# background . Now I am in to Microsoft 365 platform. 


We have some requirement to extract contents from Sharepoint Online document library files, List or Site Pages etc... This had to be executed at regular interval for all contents (Optional). In addition to that, Whenever an item modified in the Library, List or Pages. We cannot use power automate considering the complexity in the logic to be executed in the background but planning to use to capture the change and trigger and then call the CSOM script to be executed. We prefer to go with CSOM script. But the script has to be configured to execute at regular interval as well as call on demand.


We prefer to have Azure Web Job so that it can be triggered from Power Automate as well as can call on demand.


Please help this approach is best in terms of cost and carry out the tasks?


I could see other options like Azure Function, Azure API, Azure Scheduler and even Schedule as windows exe in Azure VM.


The CSOM script will do some actions like extract the contents, setting permissions in SharePoint etc.

Appreciate your help on this considering your expertise in this area.


Best Regards,


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