Multiple Acccounts for Azure Development

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Here is the situation:


I created an account on Azure ("Account A") to set up Azure SSO for my application. I then wanted to build a Bot for Microsoft Teams, so in order to do that, I was led to the Microsoft 365 Developer Program instant sandbox for Teams. When I went through the process, it created a new Azure account ("Account B").


I want to create a Teams app for Account A, which has my app registrations, but I only have access to Teams (for testing) via Account B. Is there any way for me to set up a Teams Sandbox with my original account (Account A)?




I wondered if I could set up a Microsoft 365 Developer Program account with Account A, and maybe I just did it incorrectly the first time, but I ran into an error.


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I also tried to buy a license for Teams to test with the original account (Account A) and I was unable to add my payment info:


1. Try to preview app in Teams for Account A

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2. See invalid license error

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3. Try to purchase a license (tried with multiple payment options), but always get an error

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Note to Microsoft: I have encountered a huge amount of "Unknown Error" messages while trying to get this set up. If it were not such an important business case for us to get the Teams app built, I would have given up long ago. I would seriously consider revisiting error handling for Azure services.


p.s. I tried to add the screenshots instead of links but there was an error

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