Integrate Onpremises Client server architecture application with Azure AD Single Sign-on

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Hi All,


We want to integrate on-premises client server architecture application to Azure AD for Single Sign-on, we have checked Microsoft article but didn't find related to our requirement only web based application related information is there in MS docs.


MS Docs Article:-


If anyone know please share the details



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Your posts lacks quite a lot of missing information. Are users / devices directly connected to Azure AD? Are you using federation? Does your application support integration with Azure AD? I wrote a blog post on how to integrate Dropbox Business with Azure AD here - maybe that can help you get started with a simpler scenario. Additionally have a look at the application proxy to publish your on-premise web applications without needing to open incoming ports in the firewall


Thanks for your reply,

We want to archive Single Signon for client server architecture application.

I know web based applications we can integrate with azure ad but want to get more information for this type of architecture applications.

I would contact the vendor of your application and discuss your options with them. Also check out the following post from Microsoft:

Good Luck!