How to start a call within the existing MS Teams channel using azure logic app

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Hi All,


I have a requirement where our azure Logic App will create a new MS Teams, add members into MS Teams and add channel into same MS Teams. Now my next requirement is I want to start a call immediately in the same channel which we have created using Logic App and also this should be done in the same logic app job which we have build for creating MS Teams and channel.


As I know there is no separate connector available in Azure logic app to achieve this functionality. So, I dig a little bit and I found below approach.


1. Register a new application using the Azure portal.

2. Get the token from application.

3. Use below rest API method.

4. Provide details in the body like start time, end time etc.

5. Call above rest API using azure logic app.


So, from the above steps my question is, in the body section where we have included start time, end time etc. can we include same participants which we have added in MS Teams while creating azure logic app. If yes, then how?


If it is possible then the flow of my Azure Logic App will be as follow.


Create MS Teams --> Add Members into Teams --> Create Channel --> Post the messages into channel --> Call the Graph API (


Note:- As soon as Azure Logic App execution is completed it should start a call immediately.

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