How do I grant user access to the Azure OpenAI Studio - GPT Playground


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I am trying to grant user or contributor access to the GPT playground to some users of my system, but it looks like there are no specific permissions to grant users access to the GPT playground on Azure OpenAI Studio.


Any hints on how to do this? Thanks.

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They need to be readers of the resource group where the azure openai resource is provisioned.

And they need this role on the ai resource: Cognitive Services OpenAI User


To grant users access to the GPT playground on Azure OpenAI Studio, you can follow these steps:

Sign in to Azure OpenAI Studio with your account credentials.
Navigate to the "Access Control (IAM)" section in the left-hand menu.
Click the "Add" button and select "Add role assignment" from the dropdown menu.
In the "Add role assignment" pane, select the role you want to assign to the user or contributor.
Enter the name or email address of the user or contributor in the "Select" field, and click "Save" to assign the role.
Roles that you might consider assigning to users or contributors who need access to the GPT playground include "Contributor" or "Owner." These roles will provide users with access to the necessary resources and permissions to use the GPT playground.

If you need more specific guidance on how to assign roles and manage permissions on Azure OpenAI Studio, the Microsoft documentation provides detailed instructions and best practices that you may find helpful.
Create an Azure AD group: In Azure AD, create a group for users who need access to the GPT playground.

Assign the appropriate Azure roles: Using Azure RBAC, assign the group or individual users the appropriate Azure roles that allow access to the GPT playground. The Contributor role or the User Access Administrator role may be appropriate for this purpose.

Add users to the group: Add the users who need access to the GPT playground to the Azure AD group you created in step 1.

Grant access to the GPT playground: Once the users are added to the group, they should have access to the GPT playground if they have been assigned the appropriate Azure roles.


The most used roles are


Go to the OpenAI resource on Azure Portal , select IAM and add the Roles




The contributor access assignment under resource group