Genrate PDF inside of a Power App

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As the Print() is a good start is there any plans to generate PDFs inside a Power App? Maybe with multiple pages? Or a more robust version of the html to pdf conversion in OneDrive so we could use it in Logic Apps or Flows?

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Hi Peter, you can generate PDFs inside a Power App. I've linked to a document and video that can help you show how to complete the task.

Additionally, there are paginated reports in Power BI. Paginated reports are best for scenarios that require a highly formatted, pixel-perfect output optimized for printing or PDF generation. A profit and loss statement is a good example of the type of report you would probably want to see as a paginated report. I've also provided a link to a document on paginated reports.

Lastly, I've attached a blog on HTML to PDF conversion in Power Automate.
Unfortunately the OnDrive Action to create PDF is a really poor implementation, it has a very limited support of html, e.g. no styling of elements possible, no positioning of images could be done. So for now it can only be done with third party solutions. Will have a look onto PowerBI. Thanks for charing.