duplicate key error in (csv files to mysql database)copy activity azure data factory

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I have a problem, when trying to copy data from 1 csv files to another Mysql database with the copy command in Azure data factory (with the fault tolerance enabled)
I'm getting a duplicate key error (as seen in the picture below). Has anyone had the same problem in the past and knows a solution?



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I am facing the exact same issue. Getting this error, when the values in the CSV file are all unique...
"Operation on target Copy_kw4 failed: Failure happened on 'Sink' side. 'Type=MySql.Data.MySqlClient.MySqlException,Message=Duplicate entry '1234IORDFT' for key 'gst.PRIMARY',Source=MySqlConnector,''Type=MySql.Data.MySqlClient.MySqlException,Message=Duplicate entry '1234IORDFT' for key 'gst.PRIMARY',Source=mscorlib,'"

It seems like you're encountering a duplicate key error when using the copy command in Azure Data Factory to copy data from one CSV file to a MySQL database. This error typically occurs when the destination table in the MySQL database already contains rows with primary key values that conflict with the rows being copied.

To address this issue, you have a few potential solutions:

Check Data Integrity: Ensure that there are no duplicate primary key values in the destination table before running the copy command. You can query the MySQL database to identify any existing rows with conflicting primary key values and resolve them accordingly.

Use Upsert Operation: If you want to update existing records and insert new records in case of conflicts, you can use an upsert operation instead of a straightforward copy. However, this might require custom logic and scripting to implement in Azure Data Factory.

Handle Errors in Data Factory Pipeline: Configure error handling and fault tolerance settings in your Data Factory pipeline to handle duplicate key errors gracefully. You can set up retry policies, error outputs, or custom error handling logic to manage these errors effectively.

Check Source Data: Verify the source CSV file to ensure that it does not contain any duplicate primary key values. If duplicates exist in the source data, you need to address them before copying the data to the MySQL database.

Review Copy Command Configuration: Double-check the configuration of your copy command in Azure Data Factory to ensure that it is correctly mapping source columns to destination columns and handling primary key constraints appropriately.

If you provide more details about your specific scenario, such as the structure of your source CSV file, the schema of your destination MySQL table, and the configuration of your Data Factory pipeline, I can offer more targeted guidance. Additionally, reviewing the error message and any accompanying logs or diagnostic information might provide further insights into the root cause of the issue.