Does Azure App Service support docker-composed applications built from a Github action?

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I appreciate how Azure App Service, especially when using a Container App, will work just fine out of the box with GitHub actions. I am not sure I can say the same of Container App whose CI/CD workflow originates in Docker Compose. Does Azure provision GitHub actions for this type of multi-container applications?


I did see the option to upload a Compose file from my application's Deployment Center; however this falls short of a full-fledged automated CD/CI pipeline as it works only if the user uses 'docker-compose push' from their development machine. Is there a possibility to write a GitHub action that would built and push from Compose?



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I have gone some way toward answering my own question: Azure allows the user to define webhook that will trigger deployment from any Azure Container Instance; and it also allows to define deployment with Compose from the Deployment center feature under Azure WebApps. Taken together these two options (webhook on push + deploy with Compose) do exactly what I want: from a GitHub action I am able to deploy with Compose.