Cannot add Apple Business Manager from Azure AD admin center

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I cannot add Apple Business Manager from Azure AD admin center > Enterprise applications. I can find the app, but if I clicks on it, there is only the button "Sign up for Apple Business Manager". After clicking on it, there is a site from Apple and I cannot add the app there.

The prerequisites from the article below are fulfilled:

Tutorial: Configure Apple Business Manager for automatic user provisioning with Azure Active Directo...

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@AtanasM Were you able to get this resolved? I am running into the same issue.  Any insight that you learned to get past this road block would be greatly appreciated, thanks.  

@Benjals unfortunately I didn't find any solution. Maybe it is not the correct way to add the Apple Business Manager.
Figured it out on our side. The Apple Business Manager system admin needs to start the connection from within the ABM system console first. It will prompt them for Azure Global admin cred sign in page. Then after connection, the app unlocks within Azure and allows you to edit/work on it.

@Benjals I somewhat get what you're stating. Confusion though within the ABM. I go into preferences > Directory Sync> Microsoft Azure AD Sync and the Enable hyperlink is also disabled. So each side there's not a way to add the Sync. Can you shed some light on what you mean starting the connection? 

Did you got a solution to it yet??