Azure Web App / SAML SSO

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Hello all. Some of our websites are being moved from an on-premises Windows Server running IIS to an Azure web app. There's this one website that has SAML 2.0 SSO integrated into it. To facilitate SSO, it looks like a copy of  "Shibboleth Service Provider" was installed on the server. This website is set up for a customer who said that SSO had to be enabled on the website and that the customer is the Identity Provider. So if a customer employee goes to the website and they're not logged in, the website sends them back to the customer identity provider to get logged in. Since you can't install Shibboleth on an Azure web app, I'm looking for something that ASP.NET can use to replace the functionality of Shibboleth. Are there any no-cost SSO modules that can be incorporated into an ASP.NET web app that would work similar to Shibboleth?

Any feedback would be much appreciated.   

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