Azure Monitoring for Windows Scheduled Task

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  1. How can I monitor if a Windows Scheduler Task is not triggered as configured (at the given time). Please suggest the steps to setup Azure Monitor & Scheduler (if special settings needed).

  2. Also I need to configure Azure monitoring for the Postgressql DB which is residing in AWS.

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@KranthiGurajapu what about if you se Log Analytics to look for the Windows Event Log entry? You could then create an alert of the resulting query.

@MrCoups , thanks for the response.


Yes I did try that with no luck. Did ran a Task and it ran to success, but I didn't see any details of the task in the Log Viewer.

@KranthiGurajapu The Microsoft-Windows-TaskScheduler log provides information on scheduled task execution, you can also look in the following log file


This should help you out, you can also monitor log files through Log Analytics as well.