Azure App service function error

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My App service Azure http trigger functions have stopped to work correctly since July 14th. Only work inside Azure test tool portal. If I call the same http trigger function outside Azure (browser or web App) returns a 500 error. It receive the call but seems that not receive the body contents of the post. I 've had running without any problem the same Azure functions for months and suddenly form July 14th have started to failed.

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Did you tried to connect your function app with application insights and see the logs ?
Or even to use diagnostic & solve problems blade , here you can figure out for example if connection string used to access baked services are no more valid

Hi @Joan666 


Did you resolve it yet? You may re-create a new function and move the code under it. I tested it couple of time. I could not produce this issue but i am able to use HTTP trigger without any issues.