Authentication (EasyAuth) on Linux consumption plan

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Is support for authentication (EasyAuth) on Linux consumption plan in the works? Is there an alternative right now?


I'm currently utilising the premium plan to get the authentication functionality...fortunately I need the hot start for this use case, but there are other use cases coming up where a pure consumption plan approach would be more appropriate.

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@BobbyJ10 I just tried this on a Linux plan in Azure and see the authentication features lit up.  We also have a walk-through on it here:  Can you outline what challenges you're having?

Thanks  @CloudyRyan, specifically when a Linux based Azure Function App (say Python) on the consumption plan has the Authentication/Authorization option greyed out on the Function App page in the Azure Portal.

@BobbyJ10 Interesting -- I see it enabled.  Can you tell me the plan you're using?

@CloudyRyanDouble checked mine to make sure I'm not going mad :) It's definitely greyed out. creation.png shows the option chosen when creating the function app, and app service plan.png shows the plan type (Y1: 0).

EasyAuth on Linux Consumption is on the way. Hopefully you’ll see it light up in the next month or two. Thanks for your patience.
Got it. My example was not the consumption plan and I missed that in the subject. That is coming soon for the consumption plan.

@Anthony Chu what is the status of that?


During the company hackathon, on the office subscription on Azure we have created the Azure Functions App on the consumption plan on Linux and Authentication was available out of the box.

I was surprised, so I did the same thing today on my private company account and it is still greyed out.


this is pretty relevant for me, I've deployed Linux partially because I want the better cold starts shown here:


But frustrating to not be able to use Azure Active Directory to secure them, as that's kind of a key feature for most user facing stuff (where cold starts are most relevant).