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We have an angular app deployed to an Azure App Service, currently still in development so the hosting of the app service is still in consideration. Lots of blogs suggest deploying an Angular app to a storage account rather than the app service. What is your opinion on this? Storage account may be cheaper but will we miss out on management features if we were to go down this route?

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Azure Static Web Apps would be worth taking a look at since it is purpose built for static/client-side webapps:
You won’t miss out any features.

Azure Storage Account’s Static Web is a very good option and way cheaper. If you add CDN on top of that your job is done. Your site becomes globally distributed. Check more abut or here >>

With new Azure Static Web, CDN comes freely. Also you can have a serverless backend api in Azure Functions.

Check out this article for an Angular Deployment with Azure Static App >>

I hope this helps.