New releases in container configuration — Kubernetes on Azure
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Custom AKS policy support – now public preview 
Published September 1, 2021 




Azure Policy helps to enforce organizational standards and to assess compliance at-scale. Create and assign custom policy definitions and constraint templates to your AKS clusters with these new features enabled: 

  • Embedded support and new template info property 
  • Error state reporting and compliance reason codes 
  • Azure policy VS code extension enhancements 

Read the Azure update and recent blog post. 


General availability: Public DNS support for private Azure Kubernetes Service clusters   
Published August 18, 2021 




Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) private clusters now support Public DNS as a name resolution option. This capability simplifies name resolution to your AKS clusters by creating a public DNS record associated to the private IP of the Kubernetes API server, which remains non-publicly routable. 

Now you can create a private AKS cluster with Private DNS Zone, Custom Private DNS Zone, or with a Public FQDN. 

Learn about these new capabilities and how to configure them here. 


General availability: Azure Red Hat OpenShift support for OpenShift 4.8 
Published September 15, 2021 

Built on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and Kubernetes, OpenShift Container Platform provides a more secure and scalable multi-tenant operating system for enterprise-class applications.  

Azure Red Hat OpenShift support for OpenShift 4.8 is now generally available. This release uses Kubernetes 1.21 with CRI-O runtime.  

Learn more about Azure Red Hat OpenShift and  what's new in OpenShift 4.8. 


Continue learning about Kubernetes on Azure – Check out the GitHub Repo 

Optimize your Kubernetes deployments with Kubernetes on Azure. Explore the latest in Kubernetes demos, integrations and more from Microsoft SMEs ― visit the GitHub repository. 


Ahmed Sabbour is a Product Marketing Manager for cloud native stuff at Microsoft, a Certified Kubernetes Administrator, and an Ex-Global Black Belt for cloud native apps. A frequent contributor to Azure documentation, Ahmed likes writing and demonstrating on the topics of Azure, OpenShift, Kubernetes, and going cloud native. If you’ve heard of Azure Red Hat OpenShift, or Kubernetes in the Microsoft Azure Cloud Adoption Framework, it likely can be attributed to his work. Follow @sabbour on Twitter. 

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