Azure Spring Integrations – August update
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The August update includes the following new features, bugs fixes, changes, and improvements. 


We are previewing Java Message Service (JMS) 2.0 for Azure Service Bus premium tier. The JMS 2.0 APIs empower customers to seamlessly lift and shift their Spring workloads to Azure, while helping them modernize their application stack with best in class enterprise messaging in the cloud. As an example, the Azure service bus starter will now auto create queues and topics, at runtime over AMQP, if they don’t already exist. 


  • Connection to multiple Key Vault from a single application configuration file 
  • Support case sensitive keys in Key Vault 
  • Key Vault Spring Boot Actuator 

See our key vault documentation on how to leverage these new features. 


We revamped the refresh logic in Azure Key Vault to better adhere to refresh intervals defined in application configuration properties, and avoid unnecessary updates. 


We upgraded the Spring Boot dependency to 2.3.2, which addresses many CVEs and cleaned up all warnings at build time. 


We have adopted the mono-repo approach. Azure Spring Starters have migrated from the 4 previous locations under to Developers can now easily find all Azure Spring starters under this single repository under the Azure SDK for java folder. Furthermore, this change allows us to bring more timely updates from Azure service SDKs and run more regression tests for quality control and preserve compatibility integrity.   

Lastly the following starters are deprecated 

  • azure-servicebus-spring-boot-starter 
  • azure-mediaservices-spring-boot-starter 
  • azure-storage-spring-boot-starter  
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