VS Mac 2022 and MAUI status (HotReload and Communication)

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I hope we can shortly receive a working HotReload for MAUI on VS Mac 2022 and believe that it should be prioritized highly. HotReload is such an important feature that many developers will not even evaluate or help contribute to the open source development without it. I know this sentiment is even more prevalent among new prospective devs or existing devs using other tech stacks who want to evaluate MAUI (mainly RN or Flutter devs).


I move to put the HotReload tooling status on the MAUI roadmap for both platforms here? While it may be VS features, it is highly intertwined and developers wanting to evaluate MAUI will look here. There are many developers who will spend the time loading, debugging their installation, only to find that "MAUI doesn't work" or "MAUI is still broken", then return out of frustration. I have more patience than most, but the 4-6 hours I spent debugging VS 2022 on Mac could have been better spent on something else, and would have if the status of HotReload was more prominently displayed. As you know, each failed attempt makes it harder for a return visit for a customer. Please set the expectations before a customer invests time and emotions.


I understand and respect the complexity involved in the development of MAUI for multiple platforms. I would also like to help contribute once hot reload is implemented.

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The Visual Studio for Mac and .NET MAUI teams are working on putting out some updated information and I like the idea of the wiki, will pass it by them.

VS for Mac 2022 Preview is still in preview and hasn't added official support for .NET MAUI yet as also .NET MAUI is in preview as well, however it is being worked on as the team knows the importance.

Thanks James. The information on the wiki will be very helpful.