SkiaSharp as maui library part in .net+

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Hi, how are you? I´m fine, and like a question and is: Would do you think adapt SkiaSharp in new .net versions?


I´m Linux user and Programmer Analyst. My Boss needed a Desktop Application on Linux and the .net 6 doesn´t windows forms on Linux.

I was looking on this link:, all the plataforms use SkiaSharp, and I thought that it was a good idea the SkiaSharp use as global solution to agilizate to .net 6 and 7 development and the .net has all your resources on all the operating systems. This is only an idea.


I wait your answer.



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I really have no idea what you are talking about here. However, MAUI is part of the .NET 6 version. It supports the strong dependencies on SkaiSharp. You can check the given blog, which supports the platforms:
MAUI is still in the preview version. You can clear your doubts by asking queries on
For questions or issues regarding SkiaSharp, you can consider this GitHub account: