Mobile job date app

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First when the users or employees open the app will be required to sign up or sign in using Google Facebook which getting their first and last name and age when they accept it.
Next page riquire to choose a user name and password.
Next page to require location permission and locate the user.
Next page the user will be able to choose between expanded list of jobs types or any type option to get them to the employers wich offers jobs position in the same category the user choose.
Next step they will be required to fill up their age.
And next page accept the terms of use and privacy policy and sign up.

After they can always edit their profile with option to add a cv, bio. And about information which we will make available for them to do in the profile settings.
When we get their location we can make visible the employers around them seenig the employer profile distance and online status (see some of the dates app to have an idea of)
Now let's set up and the employers profile.
The same way like above but little different.
After the location permission the Employers will have to choose from the expanded employees type. No age page needed just confirmation of terms of use and privacy policy and sign up them too.
After they always can edit their profile in the profile settings.
Let make available them to fill up their business name and contact information and upload logo if they have one.
Both of the type of users will have chat option as well as video call attaching files and pictures and share them.
Let them receive notifications from the app anytime they have a new message.

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