Maui SQLite DllNotFoundException SQLite.Interop.dll

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I've read a bunch of links about this -- nothing I've found related to Maui though.


I get the System.DllNotFoundException: 'SQLite.Interop.dll' when I try to create a connection:


SQLiteConnection db = new SQLiteConnection("Data Source=:memory:");


I copied sqlite.interop.dll and mscoree.dll as content into the project so they would always be copied to the output folder.  But I still get the error.


The Maui app is only targeting Android.

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Hi @MarownIOM,

Thanks for posting your issue here.

However this platform is used for how-to discussions and sharing best practices for building any app with .NET. Since your issue is a technical question, welcome to post it in Microsoft Q&A forum, the support team and communities on Microsoft Q&A will help you for any technical questions.
Besides, it will be appreciated if you can share it here once you post this technical question Microsoft Q&A.
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Lan Huang