Is there a visual editor for MAUI?

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I am trying to create a mobile UI using MAUI and I am unable to get the elements in the right place.
Is there a way to use Blend for VS 2022 preview to edit the XAML for MAUI?


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@LearningNewthingsVisual Studio has removed the XAML designer and replaced it with Hot Reload. I would like to have the old XAML Designer too but i dont know if they will readd it.


You can use Hot Reload to design your Application.

@aylineok Yes. I am very much aware of Hot Reload, but it doesn't give me the same level of comfort. One thing is that I need to run the application once. Also, if I have to see it in different devices, then I have to keep on changing the target device and run the application.


The actual development time in hot reload is increasing, since I am not a practiced UI developer. My strength is backend services & databases. 


In XAML there is no view source similar to HTML where I can manipulate divs and see the result in the browsers. I wish we had all these features, but by the time they come out, we will be retired or dead.

@LearningNewthings I originally wanted a UI but I quickly learned the syntax and I think you'll be impressed by how quickly you pick up the syntax, especially with the help of HotReload. I think it's similar to how I originally started HTML work with Dreamweaver using the UI creation, but soon started using code and the property window to explore and edit properties I didn't know by heart.


There is a chance a UI tool is created. It would lower the barrier of entry into Xamarin/Maui


Also, please don't die :lol: but i wish you a happy retirement.