Is there a visual editor for MAUI?

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I am trying to create a mobile UI using MAUI and I am unable to get the elements in the right place.
Is there a way to use Blend for VS 2022 preview to edit the XAML for MAUI?


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@LearningNewthingsVisual Studio has removed the XAML designer and replaced it with Hot Reload. I would like to have the old XAML Designer too but i dont know if they will readd it.


You can use Hot Reload to design your Application.

@aylineok Yes. I am very much aware of Hot Reload, but it doesn't give me the same level of comfort. One thing is that I need to run the application once. Also, if I have to see it in different devices, then I have to keep on changing the target device and run the application.


The actual development time in hot reload is increasing, since I am not a practiced UI developer. My strength is backend services & databases. 


In XAML there is no view source similar to HTML where I can manipulate divs and see the result in the browsers. I wish we had all these features, but by the time they come out, we will be retired or dead.

@LearningNewthings I originally wanted a UI but I quickly learned the syntax and I think you'll be impressed by how quickly you pick up the syntax, especially with the help of HotReload. I think it's similar to how I originally started HTML work with Dreamweaver using the UI creation, but soon started using code and the property window to explore and edit properties I didn't know by heart.


There is a chance a UI tool is created. It would lower the barrier of entry into Xamarin/Maui


Also, please don't die :lol: but i wish you a happy retirement.

i lova to write html with np++ but in c# it's simply bullshit.

seems that there is no other way at this time.

To me, the strength or weakness of any UI toolkit is the quality of its visual editor. When the two are not the same, that's an instant huge red flag.

Maybe it's because I saw GUIs introduced, learned the UI ropes on the ST and the Amiga. I work on backend systems. I built HTML, RXML, and XSLT websites, and I've used XAML for UWP.

That MS haven't yet ported their designer/previewer tells you everything you need to know about long-term viability of the current state of MAUI: It's an option for anyone already heavily invested in XAML-centric development, but the rest of us probably have to stick with Qt/GTK/Flutter/Imgui for the time being.

Go and upvote this issue on the git repo for maui:
I hope someone in their development team is reading these. It isn't really Visual Studio anymore if you can't visually lay out your (form, window, page, sheet, canvas, view, or whatever). Wasn't that the whole reason it was named "Visual"? Visual Basic -> Visual C++ -> Visual Studio...