How to build MAUI to apk?

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i try publish,it can not work

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Using the dotnet cli you can build an apk using the following command:


dotnet build -f net6.0-android


The apk file will be built, and you can find it at <app-root-dir>/bin/release/net6.0-android/com.companyname.appname-Signed.apk


Wowo  nice, it work!!

just use dotnet cli can finish it


but why VS 2022 Preview Can't publish suitable apk?




In the MAUI proj settings, there is a combobox/dropdownlist where you set your preferences
See Android package section



But when bundle (aab) is made, it generates the apk too at the same time.
Check your bin\Release\net7.0-android folder

Take a look at the docs as well:

THe default is an app bundle when publishing as this is the standard format, but you can change it in your csproj settings.