Cannot build MAUI (net6.sln) locally via cake script

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Hi all, I have an enhancement for MAUI that I raised as a PR for Xamarin.Forms but it missed the cutoff. I've worked with the forms codebase and been able to build, debug & test locally. I'm at the point with my MAUI work where I'm ready to start testing code & running it, unfortunately I can't even seem to get MAUI to build correctly.


Here are the steps I've taken:

  • Install VS2022 Preview 1
  • Fork MAUI
  • Pull my fork
  • Create a new branch (no changes)
  • Run build.ps1
  • Script gets stuck on the following line:


dotnet-install: Downloading primary link​


I say it gets stuck, when I try to manually download the file its 230Mb & the download speed is extremely slow to the point chrome says it would take 8 hours to download.


Does anyone have any advice on how I can get my enviroment prepared to be able to completely build maui locally?


Thanks, will update here if I figure it out!

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