Android Xamarin App Calls OnResume After Reinstalling

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I have a Xamarin cross platform app. On only a few Android phones when I uninstall the app and then install a new version, the permissions I requested before are gone like I would expect, but the first time the app launches, it is calling OnResume and all of the Preferences I have saved via the Xamarin.Essencials.Preferences api seem to still be there.


One of the phones is a Samsung S22 Ultra. That phone is somewhere else and not a developer, so I can't actually debug on the phone.


I have tried it on a friend's phone that is also a Samsung S22 Ultra, but everything works normal and OnResume doesn't seem to be getting called on that phone. On this working phone when I uninstall the app it also removes all of those preferences.


Can someone tell me what setting on a phone would cause this?

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