Protecting your Crown Jewels with Defender for Endpoint


Are you using your security tooling effectively? The old mentality of deploying security tooling and hoping that its default configuration provides enough protection is not only dangerous but misses on the benefits of next-generation tooling. In today’s world of fast-evolving security threats, knowing how to optimize security tooling is a critical skill that most security teams must learn and implement to stay one step ahead of the wave of ever-changing attacks. 


When: Wednesday, 9th Mar 1:00PM Sydney time (AEDT)

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Join Samuel Soto, Chitresh Pandit, and Suprapat Dechanansub, experienced security consultants from the Compromise Recovery Security Practice, as they discuss the ins and out of fine-tuning Microsoft Defender for Endpoint to protect your high-value assets. Their combined multi-industry experience will bring great information that will help shape your security journey, and you cannot afford to miss it.     

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Hello MTT members, here are the answers to the questions posted in chat during this delivery:

1. TVM portal, TVM stands for what?
1. TVM stands for Threat and Vulnerability Management("TVM portal, TVM stands for what?")

2. What is the url for the TVM portal?
2. - The portal is Microsoft Defender Security Center and under it we have the Vulnerability management dashboards and other things under Endpoints