Need session recording


Hi team, my customer tried to attend the Tech Talk. She shared she waited in lobby for 15 minutes then dropped off. She would like to watch the recording. She is unable to watch it from the follow up email that was sent to her after the event. Can you help, how she can access?

Microsoft Tech Talks - Office 365 External Collaboration Governance and Security (MTT61300)

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Thank you for sharing this feedback. There were technical difficulties encountered with the session and we are working on providing the recording soon. We will update here again once the recording is ready for viewing, thank you again for your patience.

Hi Aarshiya, I am glad to announce that the recording is available now. Please use the following link: Registrants hopefully will be notified about this update via email. Thank you all again for your patience and understanding. Actions have been taken to prevent similar scenario occurring in the future.

Thanks!! :)