Microsoft Sentinel 101 - what's new aside from the name! Feb 1 2022


So you may have noticed that Microsoft Sentinel got itself a fancy new name! Not to worry though, it's still the same awesome product you know and love, but with some new amazing features and functionality. This talk will do a quick dive into some of the new functionality released over the last 6 months within Microsoft Sentinel and give you an idea of what's new – aside from the name!


Time: 1 Feb 2022, 2pm Sydney time (AEDT)

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This session will be presented by Jess Dodson, our Senior Customer Engineer with nearly 20 years’ experience in the management & architecture of identity & security system platforms. She has a passion for fixing things and a stubbornness to push people to get the basics RIGHT, Jess wears the title of SecOps Witch proudly! She will showcase Sentinel with demos so come prepared to ask Jess cool questions regarding our new look security solution!

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