Update Agent Readiness not configured (Update Management)



As We want to  enable patching automation for all of our servers, we created the below things.

1. Log Analytics workspace created and all Vms are mapped to it.

2. Automation account created and linked workspace with it.

3. Update Management enabled and all Vms are added for this.

4. But for some of the Vms Update agent readiness is showing as Not configured.

5. I can see Update agent readiness as " ready" for only those vms for which System Hybrid  worker  is created in azure portal. As per below Screenshot, System Hybrid worker group will be created for Vms automatically if they are mapped with the workspace which enabled for update management.( In our case all VMs are enabled)


6. In "Not configured" Vms also, we verified under control panel---> monitoring agent, that they are mapped to the workspace that linked to automation account. 

and in registry (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\HybridRunbookWorker) it is showing as HybridrunBookWorker is created.


 Then why the System Hybrid worker is not created for Vms in Azure portal.


Thanks in Advance.




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