Exporting the results to CSV from Azure log analytics workspace


When i am trying to export the results of KQL Query in Azure log analytics workspace the results have some sort of limit and not all results are being exported.. What could be reason ? i can see the results at the bottom, but only get 50 rows when try to export to CSV file. 
I tried changing the page size from 50 to 200 rows but still same issue. Its not exporting the results from all other pages.. What could be the reason ? is there anything i need to change ? Help this rookie please

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What is the result of the query ? You are using the limit operator and the consequence is you limit the number of records in the result . What happen when you increase the limit 10 to 50 or 100 ? 


@mal20202020  Try to remove/comment the line //limit 10 from your kusto query and check it out.