D365FO to data lake, synapse, what now?

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First time getting familiar with data exports from D365FO to data lake, trying to find some help (references to particular MS docs will be very appreciated). 


I have defined storage account to work with data lake gen2, the export data to data lake feature enabled in D365FO, the setup has been finished according to the documentation, marked one table for export, looks successful, and the current status of that table export is "running". 

My very basic question is what to do now. How do I see if I really have the data in the data lake? 

Do I need azure synapse for this action?




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Hi, since I found most of what I was looking for, I am just going to post these two links, maybe they will be useful to somebody else too :)

general concepts: 

How to export your FinOps data to ADLS Gen2 and query it with Azure Synapse - FinOps 2021 - YouTube

(note - in this one the export to data lake add-in is just mentioned, but it is probably the way to go now)


the most concise video that I found on how to link synapse to data lake and create external tables:

18. External Tables with Synapse SQL in Azure Synapse Analytics - YouTube

(note - a lot of adds interfering)