Customizing Parameter Xml field in Log Analytics Query Result



Based on requirement, we ran the following Query in log analytics workspace:


| where EventID == 7001

ParameterXml field contains the value in XMl format as follows:




But we want to extract only the user name from ParameterXml column, so we used the following KQL:

| where EventID == 7001
| extend userinfo=parse_xml(ParameterXml)
| extend Param_ = tostring(userinfo.Param)
| project userinfo,Computer,Param_


But the output of userinfo column showed in some sort of simplified manner as below

As we used following line

| extend Param_= tostring(userinfo.Param)

we thought of getting a user name but,

Param_ field also displaying number, rather than  username.

It doesn't met our requirement, Suggest a way to get only the username from the column.

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