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I am looking to explore any Azure based service which will help me to achieve - 

Ability to choose a report and add a schedule for the report to be sent. This includes choosing recipients, choosing frequency, date/time/time zone, and an end date. A page will be added to manage the schedule reports and view any errors with runtimes. Users can also edit and delete scheduled reports.

  • Select from Standard, Favorite or Custom reports criteria.
  • Ability to select recipients from a list users or enter email recipients send the report to. 
  • Set the report to send one time or reoccurring.
  • Set the date, day of the week or month to send the report. Set the time of day to send the report.
  • Specify start date and end date.
  • Choose file type.
  • Ability to manage scheduled reports - view, edit and delete.  

 The main considerations are -

  • Challenges are that services have different granularity.
  • Would be helpful to know what the end reports will look like.  
  • Aggregated totals by service would be easy to do. 

Text Alert – Sends alert details to user. Will include a link back to the client to include single or multiple items.

Email Alert - Sends alert details to user. 


**** I have tried to achieve this through Power BI but it has some limitations to customize the reports.



Supratik De

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