Azure Analysis Services - Performance trace / issue

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we are struggling with the performance in Azure Analysis Services. Compared with the old SSAS / MDM -Cube, the new solution does not perform well enough / price. I've tried to look at the various fields, but miss the old trace-utility. 


Is there any tool available to make monitor performance on Azure Analysis Services?


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mee to. but what do you mean with the old trace-utility? SQLProfiler? I configured AzureAS logging to azure monitor to get all "query end" events for analysis.... but you can't filter what is logged in detail so that is useless for continous monitoring. Would love to see the option to define the events transfered via logging to azure monitor like selecting events and filters with SQLProfiler..

@jjuelke Yes, I'm thinking of the old profiler, to see the efficiency of partitions etc. As it is now, I'm looking at the variables, but don't get the picture as we did before. 

@jjuelke you can use Metrics from portal that will give you detailed information. here is additional information on how to do?

@mohkumar metrics are on instance level.. they tell you not the details if you want to see query times for sessions/users/identify the low performing dax queries

@mohkumar - Agree, and I have a lot of measures within dashboards, but still - the performance is suffering. I can't really get the bottleneck... Most likely due to knowledge, but...


There is always possible to improve by increasing QPU/Cache, but the cost / performance is too high.