Announcing the availability of Kinetica - the database for space and time as markeplace offering

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We are happy to announce Kinetica is now available as an Azure marketplace offer. Kinetica is optimized for geospatial and time-series applications. The latest release of Kinetica Azure Managed Application, includes 

  • Painless provisioning and virtually no platform configuration to get started
  • Suspend/resume your cluster during periods of activity and inactivity
  • A brand new SQL workbench that delivers a streamlined user experience. Create your SQL queries, Geo-Spatial operations, Graph operations, and Time-series operations all from within the same workbook including geo-visualization.
  • Simplified billing directly through Azure
  • Built-in monitoring capabilities through Azure Monitor
  • Elastically scale your cluster up or down to meet your demands

With the free tier (size Extra Small) and pay-as-you-go consumption option, you can get started for free and pay only for what you use.  Would love to get the Azure tech community to give it a try and hear feedback!


Dipti Joshi


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