Word for Android phone--where did Mobile View go?

Word for Android phone--where did Mobile View go?



 Sep 29 2017
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The UI on Word for Android phone just got updated with a new ribbon (Sept 2017, build 16.0.8528.2074). Does anyone know how to activate the Mobile (formerly called Reflow) View in this new UI?


The icon for it is gone from the top of the screen. The Settings option that enabled me to open all docs in Mobile View is also gone.

Text no longer automatically reflows to fill the screen width during editing, and I can no longer pinch/spread to scale text size during editing. The loss of Mobile View makes writing and editing ridiculously difficult--and I use Word for hours at a time on my phone.

The new UI's "Edit" mode has only these viewing options that I can see:
-- "100%" makes the text readable but requires constant side-to-side scrolling while writing. 
-- Two zoom levels ("One Page" and "Page Width") have the same effect as "reduce everything to fit the screen" and makes text too small to edit.


Does anyone else know how to activate this feature from the new ribbon UI, or have insights into what happened to it?



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I have a Samsung Note 5 this option and updates have been flopping back between an older version and a newer version.
Nobody seems to reply to this question.
I want it back as well a very good feature

Hey Audrey,

Can you please share your device make and model and OS version?

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Note 5.

Hi Audrey & Doug, so there is a bug logged for this issue with the Office for Android team and it is being worked on and it is expected to ship in November 2017. Regards, Staff 

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Same problem here (Samsung Galaxy Tab S3), no mobile view or reflow mode, only "print layout" mode available for editing. Reading mode is great but it does not allow editing. I would typically use draft, mobile view or text reflow mode on any device/OS with a screen smaller than 14". Please fix, this is a very necessary feature.




Hi @Georgi Belogurov

Sorry to hear you are having issues with it. What build number of Word are you on?  Audrey's issue was phone rather than tablet related. It was reported and fixed last year. We will check with the Word for Android team to see what is going on will come back here when we know more. Regards, Staff

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Many thanks for the fast response! My office version is as follows: Version 1.0.1 (16.0.10325.20043). Georgi 


Hi @Georgi Belogurovs So we spoke with one the Project Managers on Word for Android. The editing experience in reflow mode is only available for phones and not tablets unfortunately. We would also suggest you visit the Word for Android User Voice site. This is the place where Office customers can suggest new features or enhancements to existing ones to the Word for Android Development team. Other Office customers can vote on your suggestions. The Dev team then triage these suggestions and once approved they get added to their backlogs to work on at a future date. I know it was not the news you wanted but I hope it helps you. Regards, Staff

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Many thanks for checking on this! I was fearing this woud be the case. It is not the first time I encounter important features missing from the tabet versions of the apps. It is beyond my understanding why, but microsoft is not the ony one doing this. Tabets are bigger than phones, but are still very small comparing with the desktop and even laptop displays. So most of tweaks designed for phone are as relevant for tablets. I will suggest them to get reflow for tablets as well.



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I know this is an old thread but you can get the Word Mobile View to load on some devices by changing the screen resolution.