Windows Defender(Security) Smart Screen Notification Font in korean is terrify ugly

Windows Defender(Security) Smart Screen Notification Font in korean is terrify ugly



 Oct 09 2020
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Working on it

Microsoft uses Korean default font that is named 'gulim' until windows XP. However Microsoft changes Korean default font as 'malgun gothic' in Windows vista.


Microsoft released many windows version. However, MS had not changed Korean default font(malgun gothic). and Windows 8.1 Korean Font quality was highest quality.


However, Microsoft has tried to change windows 10 classic apps to Modern apps, Microsoft missed changing system font to Korean default font(malgun gothic). So Korean users must read ugly font like Windows XP font(gulim).


I suggest that MS change some of windows font to 'malgun gothic'. I will find another ugly font and report this problem occasionally.


화면 캡처 2020-10-10 115715.jpg


▲ Windows 10 Windows Defender SmartScreen notification Tab. It looks ugly.




▲ Windows 8.1 Windows Defender SmartScreen notification Tab. 




▲ Windows 10 Windows Defender(classic version - 1507~17XX) SmartScreen notification Tab.

I hope to change font like this.


I love windows. I love Microsoft. I want to improve Korean users' Windows 10 experiences.


Thank you for reading my amateur English.


Hi @Paezak 

Your English is super and it is great to hear you like Windows! We can share your feedback with the Windows PMs in our team. While they may not be able to implement your suggestions they will make sure it gets directed to the right teams responsible for making those font decisions within Microsoft.

Thanks for posting!



P.S. Another good way to give this feedback direct to the right team is to use the Feedback hub app in Windows. Windows Development teams are always looking at that customer feedback for their products and trying to improve them.


Senior Member

Hello, @Stafford Quaid  . Thank you for reading my suggestion and Thank you for advising me.


A hour before, I found translation bug in MRT.exe in Windows 10 Korean(20H1 ~ 20H2)



▲Title Bug

The Title means "MRT - 5.83.17439.1 Years"



▲ Windows 7 MRT



I hope to change the title to "Microsoft Windows 악성 소프트웨어 제거 도구 - 2020-09"

Why I hope this title, Because Translation bug is lowest in this title.


Just write dates!

I hope to fix this bug.


Thank you for my writing.

P.S I will use this site and Windows Feedback program together! But This site is more comfortable than Windows Feedback Hub : ) 


HI @Paezak 

We will look into the translation issue and get it routed to the right team to look at.

Thanks for pointing it out. 


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