Windows 10 Welsh (Cymraeg) localisation issues

Windows 10 Welsh (Cymraeg) localisation issues



 Apr 23 2020
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Hi, I'm new here so not sure if this is how it works with posting, but anyway, I've found some issues with Welsh (Cymraeg) translations in Windows 10 (latest version and updates):



"Welcome" on signing in is in English, rather than "Croeso" (Welsh settings have been copied to all accounts).


Right-click menu for system tray speaker icon:

  • "Open Sound settings" is "Gosodiadau Sain agored", i.e. sound settings which are open, rather than "Agor Gosodiadau Sain", the action of opening sound settings.


  • The item directly below in the same menu gets this right, but its capitalisation is inconsistent: "Open Volume mixer" - "Agor cymysgydd Lefel Sain".


File Explorer

When applying folder attribute changes in the Folder Properties window, in the "Confirm Attribute Changes" / "Cadarnhau Newid Priodoleddau" dialogue, the text for the second radio button overruns the space available:

"Apply changes to this folder, subfolders and files" - "Rhoi'r newidiadau ar waith yn y ffolder hon, yn yr isffolderi a'r f..."



"Pad Ysgrifennu" is written with a small "y" in its title bar, but uppercase (correctly for a proper noun) elsewhere.



"Duplicate tab" is "Tab dyblyg", i.e. a tab which is a duplicate, rather than "Dyblygu tab", the action of duplicating a tab which the menu option carries out.

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@blyscrwydro Thanks for this feedback. We'll investigate and take your suggestions onboard. If you can include screenshots, it would help us track down the specific text and location in the products (but we'll start looking into these anyway).

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Thanks Declan - please see screenshots below.


Another thing I just noticed (also in screenshot 3) - the Folder Properties window's title bar is in English ("Properties" should be "Priodweddau"). And the three buttons at the bottom of it are also in English (compare with the buttons on the "Cadarnhau..." window in front of it).


Diolch! Thanks!


1 - Croeso.png2 - Sain.png3 - Chwilotwr Ffeiliau.png4 - Pad Ysgrifennu.png5 - Edge.png


@blyscrwydro Thanks for the quick update, I've included this in the investigations and the 'Properties' term also. 


@blyscrwydro Would you be able to confirm the OS build number? 

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Version 1909, build 18363.815

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@Declan Coughlan I have just updated to the latest Window 10 release (version 2004, build 19041.264) and notice that most of the corrections have been implemented - thanks for the quick response.

However I notice that Chwilotwr Ffeiliau / File Explorer, the Start Menu and special folder names are only partially in Welsh, the rest being in English. This may be in transition since the latest release, but I thought I'd raise it in case.


Cychwyn - Start.pngChilotwr Ffeiliau - File Explorer.pngPriodweddau - Properties.png



@blyscrwydro The remainder of these updates should be available in upcoming builds. Can you confirm if you've see the 'Welcome' message correctly translated yet? 

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Great, thanks Declan, some of it has updated already. Yes, the 'Welcome' message now displays correctly as 'Croeso'.

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