Translations of Office 365 Forms - Likert in Swedish

Translations of Office 365 Forms - Likert in Swedish



 Jun 27 2018
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Translations of Office 365 Forms - Likert in Swedish


The word "Likert" in Office 365 Forms is not translated in the Swedish version. It is named "Likert" in Swedish to.

Please translate "Likert" with Flervalsfråga, Flervalsskala, Likertskala, Skala or other suitable word.Forms.png


Hi @Anna-Karin Petrusson, thanks for the suggestion! Our Swedish moderator will take a look at your suggestions. It might have been left in English on purpose but we will investigate. I think this question type is relatively new in the Forms product. As a matter of interest what are the top 3 things you like most about forms? Regards, Stafford 

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I like most that the result is saved in a table in Excel! :)

That Forms works both inside a company and outside.

That Forms works on all web browsers and smart phones.


LOL...I know you love a good Excel file :)  - We will get back to you on "Likert"!

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Hi again 


Another little small thing.


The word "Frågor" (Questions) have a capital letter in the beginning but the word "svar" (Responses) is all in small letters in the Swedish version.

 forms svar.png


Hi @Anna-Karin Petrusson thanks for pointing that inconsistent capitalisation out. We will get it addressed. Regards, Stafford


Hi @Anna-Karin Petrusson, Thanks for alerting us to these. We have addressed them now in our Swedish files (see screen below). Have a great weekend! Staff



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